Note that your directory may look slightly different depending on which version of superpatch you're using, and you may have an Instancake iso instead of the file called 000001.

Now return to the parent directory and double-click on the file named zipper_isomaker.bat. This will create a new iso file called zipper_universal_CD.iso. Burn this file to a CD using the "iso mode" of whatever CD burning utility you choose.

Step 3 - Run the Zipper on Your PC
A. Connect your hard drive to any IDE position on your PC (hda, hdb, hdc, or hdd). If you don't know what this means, see Note 1 above.

B. Boot from the Zipper CD that you just burned. Hit enter through the prompts.

C. Mount the CD by typing: mount /dev/hdX /cdrom (where X is the location of your CD drive, most likely c or d).

D. Run the main script by typing /cdrom/zipper and hit return.

E. The Zipper will start by asking you where your Tivo HD is located. Enter hda, hdb, etc..

F. If you copied a software image to your Zipper CD, the script will detect it and prompt you to install it.

G. As the Zipper runs, it will prompt you to enter an IP address for your Tivo (e.g. and the IP address of your router. If you plan to use a wireless USB adapter, it will also prompt you to enter the SSID of your router.

H. If the script reports success, shut down the PC, pull the drive, and install it back in your Tivo.

Step 4 - Run the Enhancement Script on Your Tivo
A. Connect your Tivo to your network through your router, using a USB-Ethernet adapter.  Most commercially available adapters will not work because they are not compatible with tivo's usb drivers.  Choose a compatible adapter, like the TRENDnet TU2-ET100, or if you want to use a wireless connection, couple the USB adapter with a wireless Ethernet bridge, like this one.  You might also be able to snag some older adapters on Ebay.  See here for a full list of compatible adapters.

B. Boot up your Tivo. Before it finishes booting, your tivo will reboot automatically in order to set your network parameters. This is normal, and only happens when you boot for the first time after running the Zipper. If you get an error #51 on your tv screen, ignore it for now. DO NOT do a "clear and delete everything", even if the Instantcake directions tell you to.

C. Back on your PC, open a windows command prompt and type:

telnet -t vt100 tivoipaddress

...where tivoipaddress is the IP address you entered in Step G. This should give you a bash prompt that looks like this:

D. Run the Enhancement Script with:

cd /hacks; sh

Read what the Enhancement Script does here, and be prepared to answer "y" or "n" when the script asks you which hacks you want to install. Don't install anything you don't understand.

E. After the script finishes, reboot your tivo with the following command:

sync; reboot

F. Disconnect the phone line from your Tivo, and leave it disconnected. If you want to connect it to use callerID, read post #9 of the support thread.

G. If you want to access your Tivo remotely over an Internet connection, check out this remote access tool called gotomydvr. The client portion of gotomydvr is installed on your tivo automatically when you run

Installation Instructions

Important Information Before You Begin:
Note 1: If you've never cracked open your Tivo, you likely don't have the basic knowledge required to hack your Tivo with The Zipper. If this is the case, spend $20 and download DVRupgrade's PTVnet, or PTVnetHD for high-definition tivos. PTVnet is a bit more user-friendly, and accomplishes the same thing as the Zipper. If you're really unsure of your computer skills, DVRupgrade also sells pre-hacked hard drives that are very easy to install. If you'd rather continue with The Zipper instead, first learn some basic skills like how to remove your Tivo's hard drive an install it in your computer.

The Zipper is a tool that modifies the software on your Series 2 DirecTivo. It enables your tivo's USB ports, allowing you to transfer shows between multiple Tivos, and stream music and photos from your PC to your Tivo. It also installs Tivowebplus, channel logos, new splash screen, CallerID, and more. With a little extra work, you can also move shows between your Tivo and your PC. The Zipper is based on rbautch's Enhancement Script.

Hughes HDVR2, SD-DVR40/80/120
Phillips DSR7000, DSR704, DSR708
RCA DVR39, DVR40, DVR80, DVR120
Samsung SIR-S4040R, SIR-S4080R,
Phillips HR10-250
R10 (Only with modified PROM)
For standalone tivos, see here.

eXTReMe Tracker
Note 2: If you have problems during the installation, post your questions on the TCF support thread here.  DO NOT mention or discuss The Zipper at They will NOT help you, and will likely vilify you for using an installation script like this.

Step 1 - Obtain a Software Image
We suggest keeping your original hard drive as a backup and starting with a brand new drive. Use a virgin software image that's included on DVRupgrade's "Instantcake" CD. It's well worth it to have an image you know is good, and is specifically meant for your model Tivo. Click here to download an Instantcake image for your Tivo.  
Step 2 - Create the Zipper CD
The Zipper CD consists of four components. The first is a zip file containing the Zipper scripts, and can be downloaded here. Copy this zip file anywhere on your PC and unzip it. The second component is an LBA48 Boot CD iso from DVRupgrade, which can be downloaded for $5 here. Copy this iso to the subdirectory called "zipper_tools", that was created on your PC when you unzipped the Zipper scripts. The third component is the software image you obtained in Step 1. Copy the Instantcake iso file to your zipper_tools directory, and the Zipper will extract the image from it automatically for you. If you are using a drive that has Tivo software already installed (like your original drive), then you don't need to copy an image to the zipper_tools directory.

If you have problems, check out the troubleshooting tips on the Zipper Wiki

The fourth component is a series of tools that are available on, and you'll need to create an account to download them. They are called Superpatch and set_mrv_name (Created by Nutkase and Alldeadhomiez, available here).  If you are using Tivo software other than 6.2, use a superpatch version in this thread that works with it.  The 6.2a Superpatch can be found here.  

Your zipper_tools directory and parent directory should now look like this:

The Zipper
Version 4.6
Last Updated 7/10/08